(Niš, 22nd April): Shopping mall Delta Planet Niš has and will undertake all measures of protection against the virus SARS-COV2, prescribed by the Government of SerbiaCrisis staff and local authoritiesWe want our shopping mall to become the No.1 place for the citizens of Niš and all the visitors of our city, but more than that we want to preserve the health of our visitors and shopping mall staff.  

In order to protect everyone’s health, and in accoradnce with the  measures prescribed by the authorities, we took several steps, for which we believe to represent adequate protection from the pandemic:  

  • Number of visitors of the shopping mall is restricted. In accordance with the size of the property, no more that 1 453 people can be in the mall at the same time, keeping the required distance. If the number of visitors reaches this number, we will temporarily keep new visitors at the entrance; 
  • The information about the restricted number of visitors will be clearly stated at the entrance; 
  • Numerous warnings about duties which the pandemic implies will be stated inside the proprety, on screens, special standing panels and other visible palces. Those includemandatory distance keeping, mandatory masks and maintaining personal hygene; 
  • There will be 28 Covid controllers in Delta Planet in every moment. They are visibly marked, so that visitors can ask them questions or reach for information. The controllers will be responsible to monitor if the measures are being followed and to point out possible inadequacies to the visitors and staff; 
  • Risky facilities and surfaces will be desinfected every hourThese include elevators, toilets, handrails at the staricases and similar exposed surfaces; 
  • All tenants at the property are required to implement the prescribed measures and they will as well state the warning about the allowed number of buyers and guests; 
  • Natural ventialtion of the public property is provided through roof windows. 

Based on all the listed measures of precaution, we are sure that Delta Planet will operate in a safe way and that it will not be just a pleasant, but a safe place for shopping, free time and entertainment for the citizens and guests of Niš. 

                                                                                                          Your Delta Planet Niš