Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

We respect your privacy concerns and value the relationship we have with you. Like many companies, we use technology on our website to collect information that helps us improve your experience, as well as our products and services. The Cookies we use allow our website to work seamlessly and help us understand which information and advertising is most useful to you as a visitor.

What are Cookies and how are they collected?

Cookies, pixel tags and similar technologies (collectively referred to as “Cookies”) are files with small amounts of information that are downloaded to any internet-enabled device – such as your computer, smartphone or tablet – when you visit a website. Cookies are then sent back to the website from which they originated on each subsequent visit or to another website that recognizes that cookie. Cookies perform many different and useful jobs, such as remembering your preferences, generally improving your “online” experience and helping us to offer you the best products and services.

There are many types of Cookies. They all work the same way, but have minor differences. For a detailed list of Cookies used on our websites, please see the relevant section below.

Why do we collect Cookies?

We and our service providers use Cookies when a user uses our website to identify your web browsing program, not you personally, each time you access our website. Cookies tell us which pages you visit and how often. We use this information to increase the usefulness of our website – primarily for technical reasons, such as better site navigation. In addition, we use website plugins that store information in your local browser to better understand website analytics. This information is deleted when you close your browser.

We analyze how the website is used and how often it is visited (for example, our website may contain proprietary measurement software that will enable us to contribute to market research). During your visit to our website, some of the “Cookies” will be targeted “Cookies”, so that we can see what kinds of websites interest you. After that, we can place advertisements on your Internet browser that are based on your interests. For example, if you read a lot about food and drink, we will show you advertisements about food and drink.

We also use Cookies to collect anonymous, aggregate statistics that allow us to understand how people use our website and help us improve its structure and content, and also help us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on our and external websites.

Our website also uses Cookies to manage online advertising programs. Cookies track your browser so that it is always recognized when you access other Internet pages. Our advertising management system allows the use of these pixel files and Cookies to provide us with advertising information when you access our website. We also use pixel files to determine when you opened a promotional offer and other interactions related to that promotional offer, for example, when you click on a link offered. These pixel files are usually valid for a certain number of days and are enabled by our ad management provider.

Cookies further allow us to select advertisements or offers, which are most likely to appeal to you, to display to you while you use online services or to send you marketing messages. We also use Cookies to track responses to online advertisements and marketing messages. Cookies help us to show you an advertisement that will be interesting to you, as well as to control how many times you will see it and to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaign.