10:00 – 22:00
– LOCAL 34


Amper Entertainment Center and Lounge Bar 
From April 22nd at the Delta Planet Shopping Center 
A new concept of great fun! 
Out of the need for a new kind of entertainment and quality leisure time, the Amper Entertainment Center and Lounge Bar was created, as a combination of the most modern gaming center and a fusion kitchen restaurant. 
Amper Entertainment Center will give you an opportunity to experience unforgettable, high quality leisure. Here you will find the latest generation of gaming content: an interactive artificial rock, numerous VR and interactive games, which will erase the boundaries between reality and imagination. A special part of the Amper Center is dedicated to the fans of the Sony Playstation, for which a deluxe zone is equipped for complete enjoyment. 
As an expression of the modern world, and today’s leading culinary trend, the Lounge Bar serves fusion food. This cuisine is based on the attitude that any ingredients from different parts of the world can be mixed and blended to make a perfect meal. The combination of totally opposing flavors will take you on a unique journey of the senses. It is characterized by a lack of strict rules, except for one, that the dish must be extremely tasty. 
Self-confident, special and unusual, the fusion is also adapted to today’s needs, and in addition to meals for the whole family, true lovers of good food can enjoy burgers according to the recipe of a young Belgrade chef, specially prepared for our restaurant, while gourmets will be delighted with waffles in our own combinations of flavors and textures, or with the creations of our chefs. 
In addition to individual and group experiences, special types of celebrations, birthday parties and team building events can be organized at the Amper Entertainment Center. You may be sure that those will make unique and unforgettable experiences for everyone present. 
The Amper Entertainment Center and Lounge Bar is the place for you, your family, friends and colleagues. 
It’s time to step to a higher level and defeat your opponents, and above all – yourself! 
Amper Entertainment Center and Lounge Bar opens on April 22nd at Delta Planet Shopping Center.