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IDEA is an innovative and modern brand, through a small and super format, intended for everyday shopping. From the moment since 2005. when it opened its first store in Belgrade, IDEA resolutely set out to build a retail network, conquer the market and develop good customer relations. As a modern and innovative brand, IDEA every day, with a carefully selected range and quality service, allows a large number of satisfied customers to enjoy a pleasant and fast shopping and thus delight their family with quality and fresh products that arrived in the store that morning.

In the Nis district, IDEA has 68 stores, with the idea of ​​opening a new store within the Delta Planet shopping center. IDEA adapts its stores to the micro-environment, so we will open the store in accordance with the ambience and size of the locale and offer consumers a new shopping experience in an innovative way with modern equipment, offering an expanded range and items they failed to buy in our market. For example, consumers will have the opportunity to buy angus and organic meat, special types of alcoholic beverages and a certain selection of wines, truffle products such as wine, honey, spreads or truffle oils that are used in everyday use and have an irreplaceable taste.