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Laguna Publishing was founded in April 1998. The first and the only title published that year was “The Color of Magic” by Terry Pratchett. Today, almost twenty-three years later, Laguna is the largest Serbian publishing house and the leader in the region, for several reasons: 

• Laguna introduced global standards in production – it seeks the most popular titles, fosters the best translations and design. 
• It is committed to readers’ needs – it strives to offer low prices and make books affordable. 
• It has published almost 5,000 works from different fields. 
• More than 1,400 foreign authors and over 300 domestic authors chose Laguna as their publisher. 
• On average, Laguna publishes 365 new titles a year. 
• Every fourth title is awarded by a domestic or international literary prize. The works of Serbian authors received almost 200 domestic awards. 
• It is a multiple winner of the Golden “Hit Libero” award for the most popular book and publisher of the year prize awarded by the Forum of journalists of culture departments. At the 2016 London Book Fair, Laguna was in the final round of the competition for the best world’s publisher. 
• Laguna’s books are always among the top titles in all Serbian best sellers lists. 
• Laguna’s readers club counts more than one million members. 
• Laguna has 47 bookshops in 22 cities in Serbia and 12 branches in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. 
• Laguna’s website is the most visited publishing website in the region with over 800,000 unique visitors a month. 
• Facebook page has more than 265,000 followers. 
• Laguna is a publisher with the most precise and widespread distribution. It cooperates with more than 400 partners in the country and the region. 
• Laguna initiated foundation of a unique Association of Publishers and Booksellers, in which it holds a leading role, in an attempt to influence the Serbian cultural policy. 
• Laguna has initiated and participated in many humanitarian, educational, ecological and other socially responsible activities. 
• Laguna prints books on top quality eco-friendly paper, in compliance with the international FSC projects for the protection of forests. 
• Within the initiative “Blog Day”, in 2011, the first e-book in Serbia was published on Laguna’s website. 
• Laguna has hosted many visits by world-renowned authors, such as Mario Vargas Llosa, Ju Nesbe, Tony Parsons, Tracy Chevalier, Lucinda Riley, Ildefonso Falcones, Peter V. Brett, David Vane,  Tariq Ali.  
• Laguna created and introduced the event The Book Night, which is visited by almost 50,000 people in seven hours of its duration. 
• If all Laguna’s titles were to be published in one book, that book would have 1,598,034 pages. 
• In November 2020, Laguna launched Bookmarker magazine, inspired by huge love for books and created to fit the needs of book lovers. Most-talked-about books, relevant, interesting and intriguing texts about literature, interviews and opinion articles – these are merely some of the columns. 
Many global experts in publishing believe that Laguna’s growth is unprecedented in this part of Europe. Laguna owes its success to its writers, whose works inspire, entertain, educate, and move profoundly every time; employees, their responsibility, expertise and passion; partners, the quality of their services and advice and, of course, readers and the trust they put in us!