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When we founded Lilly drugstore in 2003, we had only one wish in mind: to make available to our fellow citizens and neighbor’s premium quality cosmetics, body care products, child care products, baby food, baby program, natural health products, perfumes, and household chemicals. 

And we committed ourselves to fulfilling this wish. 

Since 2006, Lilly drugstore pharmacies have become available to our customers within Lilly drugstores. In our pharmacies, besides impeccable service and advice, professional pharmacists offer a variety of medicaments at the best prices. 

Soon it became clear that this wish was not only ours: by 2021, 204 Lilly drugstores were opened across Serbia, 202 of which were pharmacies – which proves that our fellow citizens recognized in our offer what they were looking for. Their satisfaction is the best recommendation one can get. If these recommendations add to the commitment to meeting our customers’ needs, frequent discounts and good service – it is clear why Lilly drugstores are the most popular drugstore retail chain in Serbia today, serving 70 000 customers a day. 

We have always been able to fulfill an extra wish. 

In order to offer more to the market – we have launched our own line of natural products characterized by excellent quality and reasonable price. In cooperation with the best dermatologists and pharmacologists, we have developed a wide range of VELNEA products and VEOMA ZDRAVA KREMA (VERY HEALTHY CREAM)

Today, Lilly drugstores employ around 2000 people and operate in accordance with ISO quality standards

All of the above prompted us to take a step further – we opened our stores in the neighbouring Bulgaria – where we record much better results than one could expect when entering a foreign market. 

This year, Lilly drugstores celebrate eighteen years of successful work. Success is the result of fulfilled wishes from the beginning of this story and the wishes you have expressed over the past years. We are striving to fulfil them too.