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Founded in 2019, Pet Republic d.o.o. is a young, but recognizable brand with five authentic stores in almost all major shopping malls in Serbia. We raise the bar every day. Customer oriented, we carefully plan further expansion of our network with diligent and continuous efforts. We honestly believe in our idea – a concept that is new and entirely different. It is based on the “experience” of our buyers and their feedback. Such a unique relationship makes a solid foundation for mutual trust, which is our ultimate goal. We are a modern pet boutique – a five-store chain modelled after the latest European pet food and supplies retail chains.

What sets us apart from others is the resource we understand the best – “our people”.
A team of experienced veterinarians is here to give you the best possible advice.
Every employee is carefully selected and trained to offer what’s best for your pet from our wide range of products.
We set our standards for you. We wish to be recognized for our helpfulness, professionalism and quality.

Thanks to all of you who have already recognized our quality!