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Umbrella Corporation is a regional leader in the sale and distribution of electronic cigarettes, vape equipment, and e-liquids.

The company was founded in 2010 in Belgrade, and today we are present in 3 countries of the region: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia.

The Umbrella sales network includes more than 50 Umbrella retail shops and over 700 sales points (gas stations, newsagents, pharmacies, markets, gift shops…).

If you are looking for a healthier alternative, Umbrella products are the right choice. Find out more about it at the stand in the shopping center or in our online shop

The red umbrella is our trademark, so you will find us easily!



The company Umbrella has been working on the development of modern and high-quality electronic cigarettes for more than a decade. Special attention was paid to each component, and the result is “Umbrella”, as the most famous and reliable vape brand in the region and beyond. Our electrical engineers, IT experts and designers work hard on device development, following world trends and technological innovations.

razvoju uređaja, prateći svetske tredove i tehnološke inovacije.

  • Disposable – puffs, refillable POD systems, AIO kits, MOD devices…


The company Umbrella is the exclusive distributor of liquids:

Flavor Art, Italy – 16 years of presence on the world market, and more than a decade of investing in clinical trials

Ritchy Liqua, Czech Republic – well-known liquids with true tobacco and fruit flavors, made in EU

Umbrella lines: BASIC – PREMIUM – OLE – FRESH – NIC SALT, liquids produced according to special recipes from the highest quality ingredients of EU origin.

  •  The largest selection of aromas, options with and WITHOUT nicotine and packaging of 10 and 30 ml…

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