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From chocolate dragees to sour candies to gummy honey and caramel, Candy Universe sweets are something that will delight everyone.

We are the perfect gift for all the lovely people in your life, and the mix of gummy and chocolate candies is so much more than that.

And while you’re walking around the mall, some sweet snacks go great with your walk, don’t you think?

It’s no secret that sweets are the most popular and romantic gift. We give them as gifts for all important events to express our love – a box of sweets is a gift that we will certainly not go wrong with.

Need a last-minute gift? No worries, the Candy Box and the well-chosen sweets in it are a hit for a date.

Stop by our kiosk and choose your best mix yourself!

In stores, we are generally limited to buying only one type of candy in smaller or larger packages. With Candy Universe, you get different types of candy in one package.

From chocolate to fruity flavors, caramel, and interesting gummy candies, there are also the famous Candy Boxes that we have designed for many different events. Birthday? Anniversary? Candy Box solves everything!

Sweets are always a great gift, but a box of sweets that lands in the hands of a sweet lover, unexpectedly and unannounced, makes for special pleasure.

Let’s not forget the best quality Belgian pralines! For refinement and a special pleasure in creamy flavors, try them! Beautiful packaging, adapted to quality, is the ultimate gift for someone important to you!

See you!