10:00 – 22:00
– LOCAL 14


Cine Grand MCF owns two theaters: Cine Grand BIG Rakovica (Belgrade), as well as Cine Grand in the Delta Planet shopping center in the city of Niš. Cine Grand strives to raise the screening of films and the entire cinema industry to a higher level; therefore, in the construction of our theaters, aside from choosing the most advanced technical equipment, our company pays special attention to theater interior and exterior decoration, in order to provide maximum comfort and convenience . 

Cine Grand theaters are equipped with state-of-the-art laser projectors, as well as Dolby ATMOS sound systems of the latest generation, the most advanced audio system in the world, bought directly from the Dolby laboratories. 

Cine Grand is the exclusive carrier of the premium popcorn brand “The Kokice”, a real gourmet product, handmade of local ingredients, without artificial flavors, sweeteners, emulsifiers and colors, simply – popcorn like you’ve never tasted before. 

To all its visitors, Cine Grand theaters offer an elaborate and specially designed loyalty program, which is intended for all generations. 

Also, our theaters have special spaces for birthday celebrations, thus being perfect for the whole family. 

We would especially like to present the Experience Hall in the Cine Grand Delta Planet theater 

Our Experience Hall boasts the largest, top quality theater screen allowing for a crystal clear picture, and a special sound system, producing a clean and clear sound. The hall is equipped with carefully chosen leather armchairs, with adjustable footrests and backrests, which will provide guests with the level of comfort they are not used to in a theater. 

What makes our Experience Hall special compared to all the other ones is the unique design that one really needs to see and experience. On the floor and ceiling of the hall there are written special inspirational messages in the Morse code. 

Because of all these features, when you say Cine Grand Experience, you are saying: an unforgettable experience

In step with the latest world trends, the cinema repertoire changes every Thursday, and tickets can be reserved through the website.