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KFC is a leading restaurant chain with chicken specialties and has more than 18,000 restaurants worldwide. You will find us in over 100 countries, because we serve several million guests every day!

It is hard to believe today that in 1930, when he founded his first KFC restaurant, Harlands Sanders had only one recipe for excellent chicken and a great belief that he would achieve success. From the beginning, he was guided by the principle to which he remained faithful and which he fully respected: “Put your heart into what you do and do the best you can!” Today, despite the fact that many years have passed since then, we still respect that principle.

Every piece of chicken is delivered to our restaurant every day by proven local suppliers! After that, our chefs bread them and prepare them just before serving.

Our authentic recipe makes KFC chicken special because of its 11 special spices compiled by KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders more than 70 years ago. Today, his recipe for 11 secret types of herbs and spices is locked in a secret safe at a hidden location near Louisville, Kentucky.