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Our Philosophy

Silver Shop was founded in 2007 in Niš and deals with retail and wholesale of silver jewelry. Our successful business has been built on the ideas of availability, the principles of classical aesthetics and the imperative of quality. For more than 10 years, we have been conducting careful analysis and selection of each piece of jewelry in order to fit as naturally as possible into each style and satisfy the taste of each customer. Thanks to this philosophy, our jewelry has become a part of the everyday business man, the expression of insurgency of natural eccentricity, but also the reflection of the femininity of the ladies.

Our Brands

Inspired by the idea of providing broad accessibility to high-quality silver jewelry, we have begun cooperating with the Italian brand Monemi Milano. We have had Monemi jewelry since 2012, and since 2014 Silver Shop has become an official representative and distributor of Monemi jewelry for Serbia and Montenegro. Monemi is a collection of hand-made jewelry, which is produced according to the traditional procedures of top jewelry makers. The combination of silver and Swarovski crystals, a combination of colors and shapes, as well as top quality make Monemi unique and special.

In addition to the successful cooperation with the company Monemi, we are proud of launching our own silver jewelry brand – Felicita. Made of a combination of silver (925) and Swarovski crystals, Felicita jewelry brings you an authentic moment of happiness. The guarantee of the quality of Felicita jewelry is ensured by the regular control of each piece made in the Institute for Precious Metals, where the quality of the silver is confirmed.

Our Services

In addition to the wide range of products, Silver Shop offers a wide range of services. We are engaged in engraving jewelry, making ducats of silver or gold (with or without engraving), we offer the possibility of buying silver and gold jewelry, as well as repairing jewelry and piercing ears. With each purchase, you get free jewelry polishing that you can use for the purchased product, but also for a piece of jewelry you already own, which eventually lost its original shine.